Welcome to the ever changing community of ISLAMABAD LYCEUM. We pride ourselves on being a community of responsive and active learners. We are compassionate goal keepers who are committed to build policies and possibilities for children by leading and helping them to live the life imagined. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2016-2017 Academic Year which will definitely be a very successful year full of achievements, differentiated learning and equal opportunities.

I invite you to explore our school. As a potential student, parent, or educator we bid you to not only see what we offer in academic excellence, but also what we provide to build confident individuals of strong character who will positively impact the world.

I bring with me extensive and successful teaching, leadership and educational reforms' experiences from different institutions. Let me assure you that I will be implementing all my previous success key elements for the benefit of our students while putting a special emphasis on quality teaching and learning and taking very seriously into consideration our students' lingustic, cultural, religious, and social backgrounds.

More importantly, the learning process at our school operates within a culture that combines a positive, caring and supportive learning atmosphere with a climate that sets high expectations, self-confidence, special skills, active and inquiry-based learning, knowledge, talents with an emphasis on the PAKISTANI culture and heritage.

We have the recipe and the ingredients, wonderful parents, great students, teachers, support staff and leaders for moving ISLAMABAD LYCEUM forward, involving and engaging our students in the learning processes and products.

Dr. Muhammad Ubaidullah
Ph. D. (Zoology), Teachers Training (Manila)